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Welcome to March!

Artwork by: Jeanette Miller

Orchids. Roses. Tulips. Aurora.

Real petals are nice.

But we can get these bouquets together figuratively as well.

Love Letters. Words of Affirmation. Credit. Praise.

Wrap them all up in a pretty bow and gift them to the Black women who deserve them.

Black Women.

Rise to every occasion.

Set every standard and trend.

Hold it all down.

Lift us all up.

Black Women.

Overcome every obstacle.

Push forward every movement.

Know it all.

Have seen it all.

Thrive through it all.

This month we are taking the first budding flowers and gifting them to Black women. We won’t wait for April showers to bring May flowers. We’ll praise Black women now. We’re focusing our attention, platform, content on Black women in a special way this month. Applauding accomplishments. Publicizing stories. Acclaiming heroism.

Black Women.

All Hail.


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