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Welcome to September!

Why is social media content such a pleasure?

It’s the Black artistry for me.

Someone was brilliant enough to script, act out, and record the scene that made you burst into tears of laughter.

Someone was talented enough to choreograph and perform the dance routine you watched and tried to imitate.

They are artists.

A painter posted a piece so beautiful, you ordered a print online.

A writer made their caption so enticing, you clicked the link to read the full article.

A photographer uploaded a picture so interesting, you swiped to learn more about the people and places pictured.

They are artists too.

Art isn’t limited to traditional definitions. It is boundless.

Black people have always been creative in expression; finding unique ways to share our circumstances.

New ways to release our emotions.

Ways to speak without saying something.

To express joy.

To love.

To protest.

To live.

Black art, in all of its forms, tells our stories.

Trials and triumphs.

It is a way to share our truths in a world that refuses to hear them.

This month we are celebrating all the forms of Black art, from traditional to unconventional. We want to acknowledge its diversity, how it’s changed over time and the messages its creators are seeking to send. When you interact with the words, images and performances we feature this month, consider the history behind each piece. What is the artist trying to say? What was revealed to you? What does this say about life?

Black people have a lot to say.

But we don’t always say it plainly.

Listen to our art this month.

Help us continue to provide this platform for word and image artists to share their truths with the world.

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