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Art Adventure Camp

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March 13-17, 2023
9 a.m. to 3

Relevant Empowerment Church 3900 W. Northside Drive,
Jackson, MS 39209


Girls and Boys

Ages 9-13

Limited spots available.


Lunch and Snacks Included

Camp Fee: $25/per student (reduced fee for multiple student households)

Spring Break Art Adventure Camp

This 5-day art camp provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic elements of art, watercolor painting, art journaling, and art and nature - utilizing the whole plant for artistic expression. Through hands-on activities, students will develop their artistic skills and explore their personal creativity. The camp will culminate in a final project that brings together all the concepts and techniques learned throughout the week. 

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Day 1:  

  • Introduction to Art 

  • Art and Plants Part I – Utilizing the Whole Plant: From Farm to Table and Beyond 

Day 2:  

  • Art and Plants Part II – Utilizing the Whole Plant: From Farm to Table and Beyond 


Day 3:  

  • Using Dyes, Plants and Watercolor  

Day 4:  

  • Creativity Day – Art Journaling as Self Expression and Creativity 

Day 5: 

  • Presentation Day & Goal Setting

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