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Black Girl Projects x Bolivar Co.


We created BGPxBolivar Co. as a post-COVID intervention measure from data collected during TL|BGP’s COVID-19 Community Needs Assessment of the Southeastern United States. The most immediate needs we identified were mental health, economics, and food security. 


Our Bolivar County resident focus groups during the summer of 2021 determined the community to be a good host for a COVID-19 community response pilot project. We designed the program to offer mental health and wellness, economic resources to the community, and appropriate advice, such as budgeting, credit card education, mindfulness and meditation techniques, journaling, daily affirmations, and more to Bolivar County Black girls and women.


  • Provide Black girls and women in Bolivar County with mental health and wellness advice and tips. 

  • Provide Bolivar County Black girls and women with economic well-being resources and advice.

  • Create a COVID-19 Community Needs Assessment specific to Bolivar County to measure effectiveness of intervention and to see what needs and gaps still exist as a result of the pandemic.

  • Provide employment opportunities for Black and Latina mothers in the Southeastern U.S. 

  • Strengthen community bonds among Black and Latina mothers and their children.

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