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Black Girl Research Institute

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The Black Girl Research Institute aims to equip aspiring and current researchers with the tools needed to conduct ethical research regarding Black girls and women.

Coming Summer 2024

We aim to equip aspiring and current researchers and community organizers with the tools needed to conduct ethical research regarding Black and Brown girls and women. The institute includes a residency during which fellows participate in research training,  workshops, and conduct field work. 


The location of the residency is determined based on the research conducted by The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects that year. 


The 2022 BGRI’s residency was in Cleveland, Mississippi, and expanded our Policy & Research team’s work in Bolivar County, Mississippi, with our Black Girl Projects in Bolivar County initiative (BGPxBolivar Co.) 

We created BGPxBolivar Co. in response to our COVID-19 Community Needs Assessment of the Southeastern United States, which  began in summer 2020 and continued through summer 2021. 

Our researchers identified major needs among Black girls and women in Bolivar County including economic security, food security, and access to mental healthcare services. Research fellows used the data collected to design research initiatives focusing on:


Maternal and

child health;


Food access for Black and Latina women and children; and


Meditation spaces in schools for Black and Latina girls.



Fellow Qualifications

  • Current college or graduate student or community organizer 

  • Interest in the livelihood and wellbeing of Black girls and women and other girls and women of color 

  • Interest in quality, ethical research aimed to help (and not harm) communities and their members 

  • Some research and/or writing skills preferred

Fellow Responsibilities

  • Work 20 hours per week 

  • Attend all research trainings 

  • Conduct ethical research 

  • Submit research proposal to TL|BGP Research Review Board for approval before initiating research

  • Store all data using approved storage methods 

  • Report data in an organized well-written fashion 

  • Propose programs to respond to needs identified 

  • Present report and program proposal at the BGRI Defense Day

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