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Black Women Vote Coalition


The Black Women Vote Coalition (BWVC) is the organizing outfit of the Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects. Black women  have saved our democracy election cycle after election cycle, but we have not benefited from putting these politicians in office. We’re first to the polls and last on the policy agenda. We seek to change Mississippi’s political landscape through our Ballot and Beyond initiative.

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The Initiative has three priorities:


Building voter power.

We must harness the electoral power of Black citizens in Mississippi by increasing the electorate and voter turnout in local elections at the city and county levels, as well as national elections.


Centering policies that speak to lived experiences of Black girls and women.

We are on the frontlines of advocacy for Black girls’ and women’s health and other issues critical to the lived experiences of Black girls and women


Creating a robust leadership space for Black women who wish to seek political office.

Because of our shared life experiences, Black women are more attentive to the needs of Black girls and women in Mississippi, and we believe this makes Black women more effective political leaders.

Get Involved.

If you are a Black woman looking for ways to get involved in BWVC , fill out the form below and one of our organizers will reach out to you to set up a time to meet.

Thanks for submitting!

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