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Welcome to October

Artwork by: Jeanette Miller

For everything, there is a season.

Yellow has begun to creep across leaves that were bright green just a few weeks ago.

The sun is being overshadowed by more frequent cloudy days.

Sound depressing?

Absolutely not!

Fall scents are in the air.

This is the season for community.

The holidays are around the corner.

The election is a year away.

It’s time for soups, gumbo and chicken stews. And Trader Joe’s released their Pumpkin Brioche Twist bread and cinnamon bun spread.

Remind me to order Halloween costumes early and move my fall wardrobe to the front of the closet. And maybe this year I’ll take my kids apple picking for real, instead of just thinking about it.

I’m ready to cuddle up under a burnt orange blanket to watch all the movies and read all the books. If I’m lucky I’ll get to toast marshmallows over a bonfire too.

It’s a vibe and we’re excited about it. This month we’re joining cultural celebrations, enjoying the community we’ve built, and making plans for that looming election.

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