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How to Prepare for the Upcoming School Year This Summer

Photo by Skylar Kang

We know, we know. Summer has just arrived, and we’re already talking about the next school year! Ok, but hear us out. We understand and fully believe that children need a break from the regular rhythm that the academic year requires. Still, there are some simple things you can be mindful of over the summer that can boost your child’s confidence, keep them healthy, bring them joy and enhance their efficacy for their return to school later this year. Trust us, adding these small additions to your summer routine will be easier than you think and yield a bigger return for your elementary and middle school aged children than you’d imagine.

  1. Protect 30 minutes of daily quiet reading. Just thirty minutes of reading each day this summer will keep your student mentally sharp and ready for the next school year.

  2. Promote nutritious eating habits. Like a freshman in college, summertime is ripe with opportunities for children to pack on the pounds. Offer healthful snacks and make sure your young ones regularly enjoy physical activity.

  3. Prioritize play! That’s right! It is summer, after all, and the academic benefits of play include overall boosted confidence and increased creativity. As a bonus, play with your children. Break out the Uno cards or find the best spot for hide-n-seek. The joy you’ll incite making memories with your children is guaranteed to render them unstoppable come fall.


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