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Your Gift Guide to Mother’s Day

Easter has come and gone and May is just around the corner—can you believe it? Since the time to celebrate, mom—or a care giver who deserves all the gifts—is coming, Black Girl Times (BGX) wants to help you navigate finding and buying a gift from some of our favorite Black-owned business and brands.

This Texas-based company is only two years old but makes great products you’ll enjoy. According to their website, they “recognize the importance of clean, responsibly sourced, and sustainable products in your home. Not only do [they] use a premium, natural coconut wax blend at the base of [their] candles, [they] also use phthalate free fragrances and lead/zinc free, cotton braided wicks.”

I recently ran into Monique Parker, at a small business market and bought her Amber Noir scented candle. Let me tell you, what a treat! If you like your house to smell amazingly, check out Blow Candle Co. products and get yours.

This Brooklyn-based antique vintage concept shop, specializes in “collectibles, cast-offs and curiosities, which represent the richness of Black history and lived experience.” If you are looking for something unique, this is the place to find it. From art, furniture, vinyl, to classic film paraphernalia, there truly is something for everyone.

Our Founder and BGX Editor in Chief, Natalie A. Collier, told us, “My house is nothing, if it’s not eclectic. One of the things that’s helped me get it just right is some of the keepsakes I’ve found on this Black-woman-couple owned site. From the art of Black Panther Party’s minister of culture, Emory Douglas, to archival Ebony magazines and vintage HBCU banners, I never know what I might find or want to put on my bookshelf next.”

This Asian- and Black-owned company specializes in making luxury bags. Their mission is “to make luxury statement pieces that elevate and complete the look of our wearers, no matter the occasion.” And they succeed.

If your mom likes bold colors or something a bit more subdued, there’s plenty to choose from. “Tote & Carry combines unique patterns, blends, textures, and lush fabrics to bring that staple, one-of-a-kind touch to each of the exclusive collections.”

Full disclosure, I have several of their pieces—their tote bag is just the right size, and I’m always pleased with the quality of their products. You can’t go wrong snagging something from them for mom, or yourself.

If you’re searching for something elegant and timeless, White/Space Jewelry might be the spot for you.

“I love jewelry and go through phases of what type I wear,” Collier said. “One thing is constant, though, I want something simple, bold, and fairly unique. Not only does White/Space meet all those criteria, but I’m even working with Khadijah Fulton, owner and designer, now on a bespoke piece. The process has been like working on a project with a friend. Four gold hoops out of four!”

You might have read I’m actively trying not to be influenced by people on TikTok, but I failed this time, and boy, am I glad I did! I heard about Silk + Noir body butter and decided to look at the website. “Silk + Noir is a body care company based in NYC,” and their “mission is to create healthy, effective body care products designed to improve the skin.”

It took less than an hour for me to choose two products, a whipped body cream, and one of their natural aluminum and baking soda-free natural deodorants. After using them for a couple of weeks, I am pleased to say not only do they leave my skin feeling well moisturized, but I smell delicious. I’ve become a natural deodorant believer too!

This “Black-woman founded and owned, WOC-operated” company started in 2011. The jewelry brand features plenty of beautiful and classic options sure to bring joy for whomever you buy it.

Kia Sullivan, BGX editorial assistant, should know since she’s been gifted pieces. “They’re heavy, shipping is quick, and they don’t tarnish. I plan to get some of my own. My sisters love their pieces.”

We hope you and yours have a great Mother’s Day and be sure to let us know if you picked up something special from any of our favorite shops.


Perdita Patrice is a Texas-based writer and documentary filmmaker. She enjoys live music, reading, and watching TV. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @perditapatrice


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