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Natalie's Favorites List

My hand-picked guide to all things lovely, cutesy and a little bit snooty

Intro to the List

If you’ve paid attention to BGX for some time, you know one of my favorite things to do is shop. I would add “especially during the holiday season,” but there’s really no specific time. I get a thrill from finding little things here and there online and in-store that delight me. So I’ve gathered a list of things I’ve been eyeing the past few months—some I’ve bought, others are on my wish list—and I want to share it with you. Happy shopping … ‘tis the season, after all!

Black-Owned Brands

These Estelle Colored Sunday High Ball glasses are just beautiful. You can tell even in the picture how delicate they are. Look at that scalloped rim. I chose the Kelly green colorway because my grandmother’s favorite color was green. And Stephanie Summerson Hall named Estell for her Big Mama, Estelle. Estelle Colored Glass, $250

If you have super sensitive skin like I do, you can’t put just anything on your body, even your lips. Plain ol’ chapstick, yes, chapstick—no matter the brand—breaks me out. It’s an ugly sight. Then I found NadaButter. Not only does this Jackson-based, Black woman-owned company do batch body butters and soaps (which are also quite nice), she makes a lip balm my lips love. Come on, moisture! NadaButter, $5-$22

I learned from one of my favorite pre-teens just the other week, as her mom and I scrolled Etsy, that shopping on Etsy is for old people. Stunned, I didn’t respond with what I should have, “At least I have Etsy money!” Alas, for novelty tees and sweatshirts, unusual pre-owned jewelry and knick-knacks galore. This sweatshirt is one I’ve been eyeing. Trinigee, $38.99

There are things I need consistency about in my life and lipstick is one of them. For years I wore the same color lipstick every single day, until the brand I was loyal to shuddered in its loyalty to me. They became inconsistent—sometimes I could find what I needed, most times I couldn’t. I’ve been on the search for a replacement ever since then. The thing that’s come closest is the Stunna Lip Paint Perfect Universal Red fromFenty Beauty by Rihanna, $28

I may have mentioned this shop before. It’s one of my secrets to unique home décor: Blk Mkt Vintage. There’s a storefront in Brooklyn, but if you’re not planning to go up North, don’t fret. There’s plenty to buy from the shop online. You could also get some of this really cool limited edition wrapping paper and set apart what you give and everyone else does. It won’t even matter what’s in the box. Blk Mkt Vintage, $25


I love a bag. I will spend money on a bag. I would buy all my clothes from a thrift store if I can save my money to buy a good bag, especially a big one. But this tiny one from Brian Blackwood stole my heart. I can’t get much use out of it because my whole life doesn’t fit but that’s fine. A little bit of elevated ‘round the way never hurt nobody. Brandon Blackwood. $330

And since I’m at it, I’m going to show you a medium-sized bag that made my heart stop. I’m a fan of buying luxury bags pre-owned. I’m thinking of putting this sequin Chanel double flap bag (circa 2010) on my registry for being a human. Would you chip in? What Goes Around Comes Around, $11,500


The first time I ever stepped foot in Vintage by Misty in Scottsdale, Ariz., I felt right at home. Besides having Chanel, curiosities and couture, oh my! Misty had a wall of kaftans. Me at my most luxurious a decade from now is a woman who only wears kaftans and lounges. This vintage stunner is from the ‘70s and will be me on a Tuesday. Vintage by Misty, $550

There’s probably not a person who’s read BGX three times who doesn’t know we at The Lighthouse love candles. Love. They and incense are often burning in our offices. Folks burn them at home too. When you’re not burning jar candles for scent, you need candlesticks just for aesthetics. These taper candle holders are all function, all fashion, and despite their pattern <whispers> neutral. Anthropologie, $22-24

If you’re a plant parent, you know plants have personalities. How about you buy for yourself or gift someone else a few plant charms. These googly-eyes ones are so cute and come in packs of four. This, too, is an Etsy shop. Eufolia, $21.12

You’re either a pajamas person or you’re not. I am. I make my family wear matching pajamas and have a sleepover Christmas Eve. My favorite sets come from J. Crew. Their Eco dreamiest long-sleeve sets are perfect for the little piece of autumn we have in the south and carry me right through the little piece of spring. J. Crew, $59.50-$118


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