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Welcome to April!

Artwork by Jeanette Miller

When I think of Mother Nature, I think of something like Te Fiti in Disney’s 2016 animated film, “Moana.” Just like Te Fiti, Mother Nature is a kind creator of life who is being destroyed by selfish humans not treating her well. In response, she has turned into a place of destruction—full fire, dying wildlife, and a suffering ocean. In my mind, Mother Nature is also a Black Woman. What other type of woman could endure so much pain and still be surviving, even thriving in some areas?

This month, we’re trying to restore Te Fiti’s—I mean Mother Nature’s—heart. Or at least move in that direction. Let’s start considering how we’re treating the earth. Are we nourishing her or littering her with our overuse of plastic, paper, and gas through the millions of packages we have delivered to our doors? Are we being considerate or ignoring the warnings of climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, and undrinkable water?

All month, we’ll be publishing content focused on how our habits impact Mother Nature. Have you been thinking about starting your own garden like I have? Thinking about your carbon footprint or how to reduce water waste? Maybe trying something a little smaller, like keeping a plant alive. No matter how you choose to start, a win is a win!

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