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Leilani’s Limitless Life, Pt. V

Today’s the last day of us staying in my mom’s friend’s place. We’re going grocery shopping so when we go to our next Airbnb we’ll have food. Before we went grocery shopping, my mom and I wanted to pick a place in Europe, and we’re most likely going to go to Italy. Where in Italy? We don’t know yet.

While we were in the mall where the grocery store was, we decided to look around and try to find coats for Italy. We found a store and I saw the most badass leather jacket with four pockets and two layers. I loved it and my mom bought it for me. My mom bought flowers and two liters of soda for her friend as a thank you for letting us stay there. The next Airbnb is 45 minutes away from my mom’s friend but in the opposite direction of the airport.

December 2

The new place is nice. The house owner lives closer to the city than the beach, so it’s perfect for me. Not for my mom though. The house owner is actually leaving for three days, so we’ll have three days of the house to ourselves. It would be perfect if the Internet would work. Oh well. The house owner doesn’t seem to take the drought problem very seriously. He has a garden and a pool. He does, however, collect the water whenever he showers and does the same system as my mom’s friend. Other than that, I like it here.

December 3

We went shopping today at a nearby mall. It was pretty big. Not as big as the ones in China and Tokyo but pretty big. We didn’t really buy a lot of stuff because money’s tight.

December 5

Today my mom decided we should hike Table Mountain. Worst idea ever. It was so steep. There’s also a very important rule everyone must remember to prepare for hiking both up and down. The wind in South Africa in the summer is the worst. Because of this, the cable cars sometimes get shut down and no one can use it. This was going to be an awful experience. We get to the mountain and start hiking. When we finished about 1/5 of the whole hike, we considered going back down. But we didn’t, ‘cause we’re stubborn.

When we did about 3/5 of the mountain, we were convinced everything was going to be all right. Little did we know. At 4/5 of the hike, it was awful! It was windy, water was blowing all around us, and we were basically crawling up the mountain, not hiking. While we were up there, my mom pointed at something in the distance. When I finally saw what she was pointing at, I basically had a panic attack. I saw a tiny, tiny airplane and I lost it. I started screaming, “WE’RE HIGHER THEN AN AIRPLAINE! A FREAKIN’ AIRPLANE!” My mom was telling me to be quiet and I started to lower my voice while saying, “An airplane, mami! A real airplane! Do you know how high they GO?!?” After that we started aiming for the top even faster.

When we got to the top, we were tired and just wanted to get down, not caring about the view. Which, by the way, wasn’t even as amazing as people say it is. Maybe I’m saying that because I was tired and pissed off, but all I saw was water. Just water. Nothing else. After we tried to look for the cable cars, we heard a siren. We didn’t know where it was or where it was coming from. My mom and I were following the sound when we saw people. We ran toward the building that had cable cars and asked them if it was possible for us to get on. The person said that this was the last cable car and we had to buy tickets at the building across from them. We raced back to that building and got the tickets. We ran back, got to the cable car and dropped to the floor. The cable car took us down, and my mom called a taxi to take us home. When we got home, we ate, showered, and fell asleep.

December 6

We left the house and went to another Airbnb. This one is close to a beach that’s famous for having cold water. People say it’s so cold people walk in with full clothes on. It’s also close to the city, so the place is perfect for both my mom and me. And it has Wi-Fi! Real, fast, actual working, Wi-Fi. A while after my mom and I put all our stuff down, the house owners asked if we would like to eat dinner at a local restaurant. We agreed and had dinner with them. While we were at the restaurant, the employees asked if we wanted traditional face paint on our faces. My mom and I agreed, and they were so pretty. Even though it wasn’t all big, flashy, and cried, “Notice me!” it was still pretty, and I liked it.

December 7

My mom and I decided we want to go to Rome, Italy. We decided because my mom said I could choose the place, as long as it’s not expensive. I choose Rome, and I have a good feeling about it. We went to the mall nearby and bought a few things. I bought two dresses while my mom got some clothes. We came back to our place and just started chilling while browsing the Internet. While I was browsing the Internet, I found an article saying that one of my favorite celebrities, Melanie Martinez, is a rapist. I was devastated by this and looked more into it, turns out that she is a rapist. She raped her best friend, Timothy Heller. I was crushed. My book-bag is one of her merch. My mom promised me to get another book-bag because I’m not supporting a rapist.

December 8

We went to the super cold beach today. People were actually walking in with shirts, sweaters, pants and socks. I got used to it after a while. While I was swimming, I saw a sea lion in the distance! I saw the body flex and move as it swam. It was so great to see.

December 11

My mom and I saw her old friend again with two other people. We first went to a few local neighborhoods and ate some local food. It was really cool and windy. We came back at around 4 pm, tired from the wind. The day before we made really good brownies so we ate those and hung out.

December 12

Went back to the beach again. So cold. Again!

December 13

My mom wants me to do a project about different governments of China, Tokyo and Thailand. I started a little bit.

December 14

We found a new book-bag for me! After about 45 minutes of looking for the right one, I found a black one with a place for my computer. It has a big main pocket and three other pockets for other stuff. It’s a really good book-bag. I want to destroy my old book-bag … maybe burn it.

December 15

I started listening to different emo music like “Panic at the Disco” and more “Twenty-One Pilots.” December 16

Today’s our last day in Africa. Tomorrow we’re leaving for Rome, Italy for about a week, and then we’re going to Madrid, Spain. To celebrate our last day in Africa, we went to the beach one last time. There we took a piece of paper out and wrote something on it. We could either write about something we want to happen, something we want to let go or something deep. Once we wrote what we wanted, we put the piece of paper into the water and watched it go. After that, we went back to the house to pack our things.


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