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Leilani’s Limitless Life, Pt. III

October 23 My mom and I are back in Thailand! But this time we’re going to Chaing Mai. 

On the flight here, there was this creepy guy who looked about late 30s staring at me. He wouldn’t stop, and I told my mom. She told me to do what I thought was best. So when the plane landed, I was the first to unbuckle my seat belt, stood up, got my book bag and made my way to the front of the plane. The whole time he kept grinning at me like a creep. Thankfully, we went different directions and that was the end of it. While we’re in Chafing Mai, My mom and I are going to an elephant sanctuary. She’s so excited about it. I am too—not going to lie. Right now we’re staying with another friend of my mom’s. She a Black mom who has two kids and they are so cute. Well, I’m tired and I need to get up early tomorrow so, night!

October 24 Today we went with the family to drive around the area. On the way, the mom and her kids decided to go eat since we were all pretty hungry, and we decided to go to a Mexican place. At first my mom and I were hesitant about going to a Mexican restaurant in Thailand. But when we ordered our food, we were amazed and happy; it was real Mexican food! But here’s the thing. I ordered a shrimp taco, and all they gave me was shrimp in a hard taco shell. Nothing else. No lettuce, no sauce, no nothing. Just shrimp. The shrimp was good though, and I just ordered a burrito. Then we just came back and just hung out.

October 25 Today was another chill day. We stayed inside and watched “Harry Potter.”

October 26 Today the mom, her two kids, my mom and I went to a night market. I got a beautiful purple gem necklace, a sticker and shirt from one of my favorite anime. The market was really cool and had really good food.

October 27 Today we went to a museum that had art that looked like it came to life. Like, it was so cool. You would just walk on this piece of art on this flat floor, but when you take the picture, it looks like you’re in some beautiful place. I posted some pictures of the experience on my Instagram.

October 28 Today is the day my mom and I leave the family’s house. It was cool and fun to stay there. Now? My mom and I go to a hotel.

Later …

So the hotel isn’t very fancy, but it works. There are a lot of bugs, though. It’s in a good area too. Weird. Today we went to get food, and now we’re about to go to sleep.

Later …

We have an emergency! Remember how I said the hotel has a lot of bugs? A huge one just flew into our room! At first I thought I could remain calm and just try to not get bothered by it, but NOPE! I don’t know if you know this but I am petrified of bugs. So I’m freaking out and then it decides to fly around like Spider-Man! It started flying around our fan. Then guess what?! IT LOST A LEG ON MY BED! My bed! So I just went into the bathroom and said, “Screw that!” I came out about 10 minutes later finding my mom packing her things and tweeting about the experience. I joined her and packed my things too. We called a tuk-tuk to get us anywhere but there.

Turns out my mom booked a hotel while I was in meltdown mode and we were headed there. When we got there, we melted and talked to our family about the experience and then went to bed.

October 30 Today was another full day. During the bug invasion, my mom booked the hotel for only one night since she didn’t know what the quality of hotel was going to be. Turns out it was really clean and modern but sadly, we had to book another hotel room. So after we booked our third room, my mom and I had to go back to the first hotel to get all of our belongings. Thankfully, the bug died—behind the door, actually. We still packed fast and now we’re just chilling October 31 They don’t really celebrate Halloween in Thailand, sadly. So happy-regular-day. The mall was cool, about five floors. Today I got my first international hair cut. I have an undercut, so it grows a lot and it can be annoying. Not today, though, because now it’s all gone. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Tomorrow we are going to see a movie called,”Neko Ninja” Neko is how you say “Cat” In Japanese. The movie is supposedly super funny. We are watching it in honor of my cat’s birthday

The movie was hilarious. It was about a ninja that shape-shifted into a cat. Hence, “Neko Ninja.” So anyway, the ninja’s son found his father of a cat and started protecting him from other ninjas who wants him. That’s all I’m saying because no one likes spoilers. So yeah that was our day.

November 2 Today my mom and I were planning our next trip to Bangkok, but then we heard about this lantern festival. So we’ve decided to stay longer to witness it.

November 5 Today is the last day of the lantern festival, and I was able to make my own lantern and let it float one the lake. It was truly amazing!

November 6 Today my mom and I went to a meditation retreat. It was supposed to clear our minds and help us relax. At first my mom and I didn’t want to do it, but my mom pointed out the fact that since we don’t want to do it, we should probably do it. So we did. It was 8 am-3 pm. (They gave us lunch. Don’t worry.) They taught us three types of meditation. I listened to two-thirds of the whole retreat. The first type of meditation a monk taught us was the typical, classic, crisscrossed position. We did that for about 40 minutes. Then came the second one. It was in a lying down position. The title describes what we were doing. The third one was a walking meditation. This one, we had to walk very slow and to the sound of the monk’s voice. I liked it a lot.

November 7 Yesterday we left Chaingmai and landed in Bangkok! We left late at night and arrived to Bangkok late at night as well. It’s about 11 pm here, and I’m tired so good night.

November 8 My mom and I like to do this thing where we don’t do anything on our first day of arrival to any place new. We just use that time to recover ourselves and relax. I’m glad we do that, though, because today I woke up with my period. Yay. Thankfully it’s not my first, so I know how to handle it. So today is just us chilling out. Once again.

November 11 We finally left the house. We spent the last few day relaxing because we were just being lazy. So today we’re going to a temple that has a statue of a reclining Buddha. It was beautiful and big. Very, very big. Today’s our last day in Thailand and next we are going to Egypt, Africa! I’m so excited for it!


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