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Leilani’s Limitless Life, Pt. II

Phuket, Thailand

September 29, 2017 Ugh. So my mom and I just landed in Phuket, Thailand. We had to wake up at 3 am, and the flight left at 5 am.

… a few hours later

We lost our only purified water bottle in the airport, but we have the straws, thankfully. We spent about two hours in a little bus, driving around Phuket, dropping all the riders off at his or her hotels. Of course, my mom and I were last. Also, when we were driving around a truck full of 15-year-old boys looked at me and started to smile. It was so weird. My mom noticed it and asked what I did. I told her I only looked at them, so she told me to be careful with boys around here. For about 30 more minutes, these boys were looking at me and kept on smiling. Even when I closed the blinds.

Who’s ever seen a beach and sand like this before? This close up is pretty cool.

September 31 Aaahhh! The beaches of Phuket are amazing! My mom and I spent all day at the beach. It was so nice.

October 2 My mom and I went to Big Buddha in Phuket. It’s literally a 45-meter high, marble, Big Buddha. After that, we went to a temple. And in that temple, they fired fireworks to “clean your soul.” At first my mom and I thought that they were gunshots.

October 3 Ugh. My mom and I ate something really bad and spent 36 hours vomiting our lives out. After that, my mom went to 7-Eleven and got some corn flakes, potato chips and ginger ale. We also watched our favorite show, “Bob’s Burgers,” which helped lift our mood a little bit.

October 6 Today is the day we leave Phuket for Krabi, Thailand. My mom has a friend that lives in Krabi. Oh, and we are going by boat.

October 7 My mom and I got to our place in Krabi, and it’s sooo big! We live really close to the beach, so we can go whenever we want. We also live by so many restaurants and stores, and my mom is going to get us a scooter so we can get to places faster!

October 8 Yay! My mom got the scooters which means … we can scoot around the place! We’re about to scoot out and scout the area now. I’m so excited!

October 9 So my mom and I were going to go to the beach today at 10 am. When we got there, we didn’t see a lot of locals in the water. Whatever, its early so that’s probably why. When we found a spot to put our stuff down, we heard a man saying something. My mom asked, “What did you say sir?” and the man said, “There’s a lot of jellyfish in the water today.” We were shocked and decided to walk around the area before going back to our place. We were bummed out, but I’d rather do math then get stung by a jellyfish.

October 10 Today I went to an infinity pool. It was so nice and so clear. But I’m tired.

October 13 OH. MY. LORD. Today my mom, her friend and I went hiking. It was the worst idea ever!

First, we left later than expected. We were supposed to leave at noon, and we left at 4 pm. The entire time, we were chasing the sun because the sun sets earlier in the forest that it did outside the forest. When we finally made it to the top, the sun was already setting and our legs were sore, so we had to race done the mountain before the sun. About half way down, it got pitch black and we couldn’t see anything. ANYTHING. Thankfully, my mom and her friend had their phones, so we used those flashlights. We got done by 7 pm and went on our scooters and sped home. My legs are so sore they’re throbbing! Good night.

October 16 Today is our last day in Krabi, and we decided to go to the beach one last time. The tide was low and we decided to go farther out. Just then, these people came up from behind us and my mom said we should let them go first, and if anything happens to them, we would go back. So we waited. And when nothing happened we went further.

About three steps away from high tide, I felt something. It felt like someone took a needle with nothing in it and stabbed my foot. I knew that I had just gotten stung by a jellyfish. I screamed and jumped onto my mom.

“What happened?!” she asked.

I told her I thought I was stung by a jellyfish. Then we did this awkward thing trying to get me back to the shore. Sure enough, it was a jellyfish sting. Long story short, my mom and I went to the nearby pharmacy and got an ointment.

Tomorrow we’re going to Cambodia to do Angkor Wat.

October 21 Today is the day we explore Angkor Wat!

… later

My feet are killing me. We saw about seven temples, and they were all beautiful. But walking all of that really does kill your feet. Oh, and did I mention that it was super sunny?

We went to go see the famous temple with the tree in the middle of it. On the way there, a big butterfly comes out of nowhere and lands on my back. I freaked out. (I don’t think I’ve ever told you yet how much I hate nature.) The thing starts licking my sweat, and now I’m really scared. At the end of, probably five minutes standing still in the sun because of this butterfly, it goes away, and we finally keep going.

The East Gate of Angkor Thom stands boldly and beautifully, like the city itself, for centuries.

If someone is going to Angkor Wat to explore all of it, I highly recommend using a tuk-tuk (a cute little car). While I was in the tuk-tuk, a huge dragonfly comes out and lands on my ankle. I start wiggling my foot to get it off and it wouldn’t let go. I put my foot outside the tuk-tuk and let it fly off on its own. There was no way I was going touch that thing. Then a fly flies straight into my eye. Great! Now I’m even more disgusted. It few right out, too, thankfully.

By the time we went to the last temple, my mom and I just wanted to go home. Something did stop us from going right away. When you go a little toward the middle of the temple, you can see monks sitting there with a jar for donations, a bowl full of holy water, something to spray the holy water on you, and a plate full of red yarn. I asked my mom if we could go over there to the monk who looked about two years older than me. We did, and when I took my shoes off and sat in front of him, he told me to put my right arm out. I did. The young monk put the red yarn on me then sprayed holy water on me while chanting.

My favorite temple would probably have to be the first one we visited. You could see all the historical carvings and how people used to live back then. Angkor Wat dates to 785. And after all the years gone by, the carving and artifacts are still there.

Two days from now, my mom and I are going back to Thailand. And this time, we’re going to Chaing Mai!

Talk to you next time!


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