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Keep Reading | August Book Releases

August tends to be a slow month for book releases, hopefully because people are celebrating The Lighthouse’s Birthday Month!!!, but thankfully there are a couple of upcoming titles you will want to put on your TBR list:

After being a nominee the National Book Award for poetry, Jeffers has decided to try her hand at long form fiction. The result is this stunning debut novel that follows the history of a family from a mix of ancestry including Scottish slave owners, enslaved African people, and people from the Creek Tribe. The story follows Ailey as she returns to her Georgian home year after year to uncover secrets that surprise and challenge her sense of self and belonging. Interwoven with writings from WEB DuBois, this is a compelling celebration and deep exploration of Black identity.

Black physicists be outchea! This month it’s Stephon Alexander, president of The National Society of Black Physicists, with a book that talks about the ways drawing on his experience as a Black physicist offers him skills and insights into the mysteries of the universe. Both a guide to science and to society, Alexander argues that listening to the unheard and embracing excluded people builds the skills needed to take risks and be a great physicist.

"Sometimes I Trip on How Happy We Could Be" by Nichole Perkins Known as an advocate for pleasure, Nichole Perkins has been a successful host on a variety of podcasts: "Thirst Aid Kit," "The Waves," and now, "This is Good for You" a podcast about finding pleasure in life. Now in her memoir, Perkins continues her reflections on pop culture and how racism, wealth, poverty, beauty, inclusion, exclusion, and hope course through the media we consume. Starting with her own experiences of pop culture, Perkins offers her perspective as on Southern, Black woman.

"Queen of Urban Prophecy" by Aya de León Through 20-year-old Deza, Aya de Leon takes the reader through the world of hip hop and how the genre navigates the women who build and participate in it. Rising to the top of her musical career, Deza has the opportunity to headline a major, first-ever, all-female tour. But when she gets sidelined by a partner and is the focus of a labor scandal, she must use all the wits that served her as young emcee to take her place as the "Queen of Urban Prophecy."


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