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Dear John | Netflix and a Masters

Dear 2020,

I have developed a love/hate relationship with you. Good things happened to me during your time, and also lots of anxiety, fear and hopelessness. At your beginning, I was finishing my master’s degree and super excited about the idea of having an American commencement—the cap and gown and having friends and family with me. Unfortunately, this did not happen; instead, I received the diploma via USPS and spent the graduation day in my PJs watching Netflix.

Furthermore, I felt anxiety and fear many times, so many I can’t remember. I was afraid of going out, losing my family, not being able to be with my mom in case she needed me, not finding a job, etc. The virus was making me crazy (still is, honestly), and I guess everyone felt the same way.

On the flip side, I graduated from a Masters in the U.S! That meant a lot to me, even if I didn’t go to any commencement. Graduating from a graduate program in a different language than your native tongue is something to be proud of. After that, I started looking for jobs, when I thought couldn’t find anything, I got one! One I enjoy, and it’s giving me a lot of work experience as I couldn’t imagine.

Finally, in these unprecedented times, where you were supposed to not meet new people, I met my boyfriend. He was the person I was waiting for, for so long. That was the perfect way of ending you. So what can I say?  I can’t hate you, but neither can I fully love you. I will remember you as a challenging year, where I found all the strength I got, and marvelous things happened to me.

Best, Adriana Ramirez

P.S. Please don’t give us such surprises again (aka COVID-19).


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