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Dear John | Calm After the Storm

Dear 2020,

We had a rocky start. You were cold and financially unstable. I was always dreading waking up to you. I worked hard to make things better, make them easier. You were a fortress of sadness for the first four months. I lost some family and friends. I lost my car. I drank too much and started to care too little.

Then we went into quarantine. Your mood changed. You were quiet, calm. A lot of days, I just sat around thinking about the complete 180 you could do in such a short time. I was impressed by how you reacted when everyone said you were “the worst year ever.” No one gave you grace. No one heard you out. No one cared about how you were handling it all. Regardless, you showed up for me. I had time to reset and focus. I became a better mama and friend. I became more financially responsible and secured a new job.

You easily became my favorite year. It was like the sadness and frustration of the early months didn’t happen—blips in an almost perfect year. If I could do it all over again, I would. Because of the hiccups I experienced early on, I appreciated the wins that much more. I loved you and I felt the love in return.

Warmly, Ki


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