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Black Owned Businesses for the Christmas Season

During the holiday season, consumers generally gravitate toward large white-owned corporations such as Amazon, Walmart and Target. We often forget about the 4.3 percent of Black business owners who rely on sales during the holiday season to stay open. Black-owned businesses generally have a cash buffer of two weeks or less, which means they can only continue operations for two weeks without sales before they have to lay off workers or shut down. Below is a guide to a few of the many Black businesses you can support during the holiday season.

Makeup Beats by Deb Cosmetics is based in Michigan. This brand sells a vast arrangement of pigmented products that will up anyone’s makeup game. Boasting more than 500k Instagram and Tik Tok followers, this brand not only provides the tools, but a YouTube page with tutorials on how to use the products. This line contains eye glitters, colored lashes, pastel and UV water activated eyeliners, loose highlighters, lipsticks, lip gloss and much more to meet everyone’s needs. The owner even recently dropped her own eyeshadow palette with Pimby that contains 30 shades retailing at $54.99.  With a large Black Friday sale coming soon, you need to grab yours before it is too late. Shop

Godly Glow Cosmetics is based in Mississippi. The line is inspired by the Bible, with all of the products being named after the characters in the book. The line contains an “Angel Dust” eyeshadow palette, loose highlighters, lashes, brow pencils, mascara, liquid lipstick and more to suit every heavenly face. The best part is you get amazing products at a great deal because everything is under $30. A deal that good shouldn’t wait, so order yours before it’s too late. Shop

Confections Michael’s Desserts is a nonprofit cupcake business headed by 13-year-old Kids Baking Championship competitor Michael Platt. He started this business to end food inequality. For every cupcake he sells, someone in need gets one. His cupcakes sell in sets of 4 for $16, and the flavors range monthly. He also sells DIY home kits perfect for family bonding time during the holiday season. This brand not only allows you to support a Black business but help someone get a much-needed meal. Shop

Dope Coffee is an Atlanta, Ga.-based company with a mission to create coffee with a taste with Black and brown communities in mind. One of the co-founders, Michael Loyd, says coffee that has been catered toward other cultures but never Black culture … until now. The brand has ground coffee, whole bean coffee, coffee-infused soap, coffee-infused syrup, candles, body scrub and more. Why not warm yourself up to a cup of Dope Coffee? Shop

Clothing and Accessories HGC Apparel is a ‘90s-inspired fashion line fueled by a Black empowerment message. The brand’s purpose is to present important messages in the African American community in a bold way. The brand includes shirts with “Protect Black Women,” “Black By Popular Demand” and various other sayings from Black leaders. They also have boxers, durags, bomber jackets and hoodies ranging from $45- $150. This collection of clothing is perfect for spreading the “Black Lives Matter” message into the new year. Shop

Nu Bamboo is an earring business that is the “new” bamboo earring. It is a hand braided Bamboo earring that reinvents the beauty supply store style earrings so many of us used to love. They has been worn by beauty guru Jackie Aina, music superstar Kehlani, and posted on Beyoncé’s website. With 33 styles, the earrings range from $25- $45 with a wide variety of colors. It’s time to get the Nu Bamboo earrings in town. Shop

For the Kids Blended Designs is a luggage business with an emphasis on children’s backpacks. These book bags have images of African American children on the back. The founder, Casey Kelley, came up with the idea after her son asked her to make a bag with someone who looked just like him on it. After doing some research, she found only 2 percent of all backpacks represent people of color. The children’s bags range from $20- $45 with an inspirational message on the back. Whether the kids need a bag to attend school or to pack things on the go, a Blended Designs book bag with an inspirational message is the way to go. Shop

The Black Toy Store is an online destination for toys and games that look like Black children.  Claudia Walker developed the idea in 2019 to build the website so parents could easily find toys to “affirm the black experience.” The Black Toy Store is a direct-to-consumer site that cuts down frustration for parents of children of color. This holiday season when shopping for the children you know, use The Black Toy Store to find a toy that fits their personality. Shop


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