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Under the Dome, Week 8 |The TweetUp Edition

Me and Noel been at it before Twitter names / Yeah, been on the move like the lease is up / And I can’t even name one person that’s keepin’ up—Drake,” 0-100/The Catch Up”

We’re going all the way live today! We are trying something new this week and hope you will come along with us for this zero to a-little-better-than-halfway-there Mississippi Legislative session update.  In lieu of our typical “Under the Dome” Monday update, we hope you will engage us live on Twitter to receive this week’s news.

I am so excited to have you all join me today, Monday, February 26, 2018, at 6 pm CST/7 pm EST on Twitter @luvblkgrls, where I’m taking over to host the first TweetUp. Of course, this will be focused what has been going on to date in the Mississippi Legislature.

If you’ve never a TweetUp (Twitter chat) before, I’ve outlined a little user guide for how to werk it, like Missy Elliot, and follow along.

Follow along @luvblkgrls and use hashtag #BlkGrlLeg

Typically, Twitter chats are hosted by businesses or leaders that are experts in their sector on a consistent basis. Neither the The Lighthouse nor I am calling ourselves leaders; we’ve just been paying attention. A hashtag is associated with the event so people know which conversation to join on Twitter, like a phone number. Every participant uses that hashtag in their tweet in response to the questions or conversation, so everyone knows people are having the same convo. Our hashtag is #BlkGrlLeg.

How Do You Join The #BlkGrlLeg TweetUp? Make sure you have an active Twitter account. Don’t have Twitter? You have time.

  1. Follow us on Twitter @luvblkgrls.

  2. Log on to Twitter a few minutes before the time of the Twitter chat.

  3. Find the conversation by searching for the chat with the hashtag #BlkGrlLeg to participate.

  4. Decide how you will monitor and participate in the conversation. There are many online apps or systems that will help you aggregate a hashtag into a live stream, so you can see everyone’s contributions in one place. Our fave tool is Tweetdeck because it is a Twitter product, so you can log in with your existing Twitter account (and it’s free). Click here to learn about other options.

  5. Join the conversation by responding to questions and prompts with a tweet including #BlkGrlLeg in your tweet.

Questions and Conversations in the chat are noted by Q’s and A’s. (For example: “Q1: What is your favorite color”, “A1: Blue.”)

  1. Anyone participating in a Twitter chat who wants to answer a question asked by host simply uses the corresponding A# to notate that her tweet is in response. Note: It is not advised to respond directly to the host in a reply fashion (e.g., @lubvlkgrls A3: Killmonger tho …) because it implies you’re not interested in communicating with the group. Don’t be anti-social on the internet.

  2. Otherwise, just watch the chat and the flow, see how it works and give it a try.

Excited to chat with y’all soon!

Up Next We chat! Join us live TODAY at 6 p.m. CST on Twitter under The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects Twitter handle @luvblkgrls for the #BlkGrlLeg TweetUp! Until soon …


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