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her unknown majesty’s chambers are silent like a heart clothed in solitude // the queen Mereba, awakens from her slumber // her name means blessing // a balm to the lands //from this fantasy from this golden chalice a warrior’s lips drinks // her beloved spear rests in her lap as she stares into an Ethiopian dawn

burning crystal balls hang low in the cerulean sky foretelling a battle that many can’t endure // weeping meadows conceal ancient soil nurtured by passionate cries // firm roots from the trees her forefathers wondered on seep underground into the Atlantic // its wood constructs a regal vessel painted in native tongue // tales like this she’s pondered // her temple’s coded in hieroglyphics

the queen exhales slowly // another day of work has begun // she walks elegantly down the marble staircase anxious to greet her comrades who await her in the royal courtyard // smiles dance on ebony skin as they say their hellos // J.I.D., Johnny, Doc, 6LACK, Hollywood and Jordxn

the village walks through the gardens laying out visions like a regenesis // pens emerge & ink blots pages soon covered beyond recognition // capturing rhythms of the river // its crests & drops & calms & tides // honeycombs glisten as if they too can hear the symphonies // waltzes and trap beats cascade into pools of molasses

the queen hums and her voice escapes the gardens walls visiting other worlds // earphones bring forth chocolate diamonds as virtual hummingbirds flock into the sun// does she know of the nations she has summoned// until a rumble comes and she looks up from her guitar at the army she has unintentionally created // the mass of children who’ve swam, who’ve ran, who’ve cried, who’ve breathed new life just to join hands with her // and waterfalls take space in her hazel eyes shielding her sight // she turns to her brothers in questioning/ / who only shake their heads at her confusion and laugh as the seekers bow 

the crown places itself on her braids // drums echo into the night // and for a second lighting illuminates the sky // images of her ancestors flash by telling her “job well done my child // another tribe blessed with song // another victory // another day has begun 

“long live the queen”


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