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NEW! Accessibility Options Available on Our Site


Our commitment to power as space and time has expanded. Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 27, our website will feature full Spanish translation and several other accessibility options, including text for dyslexic users, color inversion and link highlighting. 

Additional features include: 

  1. Plain text mode

  2. Adjustable letter and word spacing

  3. Adjustable font size

  4. Adjustable line height

  5. Left and right text alignment 

  6. Vocabulary search engine 

  7. Screen ruler 

  8. Zooming in and out

  9. Grayscale and Sepia

To access these features, look for the widgets at the bottom right hand corner (to change translations) and center right (for all other features). We recognize there are many unique lived experiences. By introducing these new features, one small move toward providing more accessibility, we raise the quality of your experience with us. Please feel free to contact us to share your feedback or offer other suggestions on how we can accommodate your personal needs and user experience leave a comment below or email us at


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