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Keep Listening and Learning | September 2021

September is all about Back to School! With this in mind, we’ve been listening to some great podcasts that draw on Black learners’ experiences and the state of education in Black communities. Here are a few you might find interesting too:

Black on Black Education This team of podcasters is out or reimagine and redefine what high quality education means in Black communities. With guest educators, psychologists and more, this podcast discusses topics about non-negotiable health care, transformative learning spaces, inclusive community and more. If, like The Lighthouse, you have a vision for a better learning experience for children, check them out.

Blackademia Two Black women navigating the world of academia and sharing the experiences of Black folks in academic spaces.

The Black Scholars Project Are you a Black educator? Then check out this community that provides a safe haven for real, intimate, and difficult discussions amongst Black educators and scholars.

Race Through Education A podcast about how Black and Latinx communities experience education in the US.

8 Black Hands Hosts Ankrum, Cole, El-Mekki and Stewart take on the state of public education to fight for the students and families who have waited t0o long for justice.

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