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Keep Listening and Learning | Podcasts

Tired of TV? Here’s a list of podcasts to tune into this month. Listen around the home, in your car or on your walk-run to learn something new.

My Black Body – Centers Black stories told by Black people. Stories about body liberation that support healing.

LeVar Burton Reads – It’s like “Reading Rainbow” for the podcast generation. The renowned children’s show host, LeVar Burton, reads unique and wondrous selections and reignites the energy of reading for adults.

Maintenance Phase – This podcast is great for the truth behind “diet” products like Halo Top Ice Cream and Moon Juice. They share the science behind why popular weight-loss products and the “wellness industry” don’t always work.

F*ck It Diet Podcast – It’s a new year and you may find yourself faced with a deluge of diet industry messages telling you what to and not to eat. The F*ck It Diet focuses on intuitive eating and debunks all the ways you’ve previously considered food and eating. This is an anti-diet for people fixated on food, weight and the way the world sees us.

Still Processing – Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris of the New York Times take on a variety of topics that make us look at things from a different perspective. It’s like having a conversation with friends.

True Crime Obsessed – If you like snarky humor, this podcast takes just that approach to recapping true crime documentaries. While the crimes are not funny, it’s safe to say this approach will have you thinking about how/why these documentaries are made.


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