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It’s the Little Things | A List of Small Pleasures

There are so many ways to embrace happiness throughout your day. Here’s a list of small pleasures to cherish. (Idy Tanndy)

How much happiness can you find in a day? I’m grateful that I can enjoy the small pleasures of life. Here is a quick list of tiny things that bring me joy. 

  1. A sunrise in the morning, when the golden rays hit the clouds and that sun shines through my window in the morning, it brings passion to my soul. 

  2. A relaxing walk through my neighborhood or park during fall while watching the tree’s leaves change colors. It’s my favorite.  

  3. The smell of fresh-cut grass in the summertime. It’s such a sensation. 

  4. Watching the sunset as the sky turns tangerine to welcome in night. 

  5. Enjoying a memory that makes you smile! 

  6. Reading a book or devotional.  

  7. Grabbing chia latte during a winter morning to help start your day!

  8. Attempting a new recipe.

  9. Having security in faith. 

  10. Laughing with a friend. 

  11. Making someone smile. 

  12. Lighting your favorite scented candle creates such an ambiance.

I think simple pleasures are commonly taken for granted, so reflect on the small things that bring you joy and embrace them. To answer the initial question, you can find an abundance of happiness in one day.


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