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Dear Rosie

Dear Godmother Rosie,

I hope this letter finds you well and far away from the panic of Corona!

I was going to start this letter off with the most melodramatic line I could think of: I have failed you! Those words would have given the indication that the content of this letter was going to be saddening. They would have set the tone in your mind, and you would have gasped, “Why would Sykina say that?” From the first line, you would have been ensnared, concerned but calm. I know this would be your reaction because you carry an inner peace within yourself.

You frequently say “Girl, it ain’t nothing but God!” and refuse to take credit for any good work done with your own hands, not because you despise accolades or don’t want to take the blame when good goes bad. It’s because you’re humble and understand that true humility is sustained through an intentional effort to not become prideful. These traits of peace and humility are what you bestow onto the world simply by being you.

So this letter is not to deliver a self-focused dilemma and plea for your attention. It serves as an expression of gratitude to a woman who is already full! Full of life. Full of laughter. Full of Christ. Full of wisdom. Full of love.

This letter is pompous that cannot be ignored. It is here to make you see it, listen to it and read it again until it is engraved into your consciousness and stored in your bank of memories. That way you will never forget or wonder whether that godchild of yours ever thinks about you.

That way I can at least say, for once, what you always to say to me, “I was just thinking of you!” 


Your Godchild Sykina


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