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Black Girl Repeat After Me | Affirmations on Worthiness

Salomon Byuma

Every day is an opportunity to claim your worthiness. Affirm it when you first wake up, in the mirror, on the way to work, after lunch, before bed. Speak into your life that you are worthy. Here are some affirmations to guide you.

Black woman, Black girl, repeat after me. I am worthy of all the sweet, finer things life has to offer. I am worthy of achieving my goals, visions and dreams. I am worthy of healthy, supportive relationships. I am worthy of friends who love me infinitely for who I am. I am worthy of happiness and gut-busting laughter. I am worthy of resting when my body tells me it’s time to. I am worthy of financial success and abundance. I am worthy of professional prosperity. I am worthy of “doing the thing” I’ve been dreaming about. I am worthy of total mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.


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