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Birthing While Black | Reclaiming Our Sovereignty

(Black mothers, reclaim your sovereignty by embracing intuition during birth. [Marlon Schmeiski])

Dear Black mother-to-be,

Here’s what I need you to know about birthing in today’s society¾we are at war. Like many other institutions in the so-called Western world, we are not embraced by the medical “care” system when it comes to birthing our children. Often, we are acknowledged only as bodies in a room. Our spirits are seen as non-existent, as if ushering a soul into the world from in between our legs is a one-dimensional experience. And even then, with our bodies as the center of attention, we’re not given the care we need by so-called medical “care” providers.

I’m here to inspire you to take your power back. Today. Now.

As a doula, I bring forth power and wisdom from the ancestral realm onto the physical realm so that Mothers and their families may live in sovereignty. I’ve been called to do this work—to stand at the gates of life and honor and protect the sacred passageway that is incarnation. Too many times, we have mourned the loss of sisters whose lives were senselessly taken by negligent “healthcare” practices. Taken because their concerns were ignored. Taken because their intuition was suppressed.

Intuition is one of your most valuable tools as a pregnant woman and mother. It is what ushers your body through the birthing experience. A birthing woman does not need to be coached to birth her baby, contrary to what we are often told. She deserves support, yes, but alone, she has all the intelligence she needs to bring her baby “earthside,” as we call the child’s arrival in the doula community. Literally and figuratively, inside the pregnant woman are countless ancestors who came before her. Those women who birthed their children undisturbed and empowered live within her memory. Scientifically, this memory is within her cells or DNA. Spiritually, this memory in within her “gut feelings” or her intuition.

When a birthing woman surrenders to her intuition, to the metaphysicality of her experience, she may find herself desiring to move rather than being restricted to a bed. She may find herself panting, chanting, moaning, or quiet. She may find herself in pure bliss. She may find herself at peace with the rhythmic “sensation” of her contractions. She may find herself in a higher level of consciousness. She may find herself breathing in the shower or in a pool of water or in an ocean. She may find herself walking barefoot in the forest or in her backyard.

She may find herself cuddled in bed with her partner in the wee hours of the morning as her baby changes position during transition. She may find herself fully bare in her living room surrounded by her loved ones while music plays in the background. She may find herself in her bathtub, alone and surrendered in faith as her child comes down her canal. She may find herself holding her child in her hands after little to no pushing and without any coaching from people who do not exist within her body.

When a birthing woman surrenders to her intuition, when she accepts the spiritual nature of birth that can be compared to climbing a mountain, she finds herself at the top within the victory of having made it by her own will power. She’s gotten her first taste of what it means to be a Mother. Too many women are robbed of this opportunity because we’re so often fed fear instead of empowerment and lies instead of truth.

The institutions may not tell you the truth, but I will. Repeat after me.

I am physically and spiritually intelligent.

I was made with all I need to bring life into the world¾I am the sum of my Ancestors’ strength and wisdom.

I am aligned with and protected by the forces of nature. These forces exist within me, as they do without.

I am grounded in faith. I release all fear (false evidence appearing real).

My baby chose me. I am worthy of being his or her mother. I am worthy of giving my baby the healthiest birth possible.

I am worthy of fulfilling my heart’s vision for my birth.

I am not wrong for honoring my intuition. When I honor my intuition, I honor that which created me.

I trust my body to do what it knows how to do.

As melanated people, we come from traditions of honoring spirit and intuition. Free birthing (birthing our children on our own terms without medical supervision) is not a new concept. Naturally, we supported one other in our communities when we were sovereign. Naturally, we were doulas to one another.

Mother-to-be, it’s time to activate our knowing—to re-member our truth that we are part of nature, that our bodies are intelligent, and we can birth with autonomy—wherever that may be. To assist you on your journey of remembrance, I’ve put together a metaphysical pregnancy and birth resource list for you to tap into.

Conscious Conception

Conscious Birth

Family Awakening/Generational Healing

Are you looking for support on your birthing journey? Search for Black midwives and doulas in your area using this directory by Sista Midwife Productions. I’m also here to support you on your journey. Do you have questions? Feel free to send me an email to Together, we will reclaim our sovereignty.

With love, Imani Agape Holistic Birth & Postpartum Doula The Matressence Birth & Postpartum Care


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