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A Letter to My Sisters

Two young, Black girls in yellow dresses sitting on a bench smiling at one another

When BGX editors asked The Lighthouse staff to write a letter to a woman they loved, it inspired Margaree Jackson to reflect on what it’s meant to be a big sister. She wrote a poem, and in celebration of National Poetry month, we decided to share it here to affirm the sweet bonds of sisterhood.


To my little sisters:

I’ve watched you both grow, flourish, and blossom

through various stages and phases.

I admire the sonorous notes and melodies

you add to our family tune

with each Broadway musical song you sing.

I cherish the countless moments

of joy, wonder, and laughter

you’ve given me so graciously.

I see beauty, strength, and valor

in each of you.

Even when life gets hard,

I want you both to remember:

You are fearfully and wonderfully made,

you are strong and you are brave,

you are bright and brilliant,

you are valued and loved.

You belong to a sisterhood

of astounding Black women

who love and support you.

I can’t wait to see

the young women you become

and the many picturesque gardens you will cultivate

with every TikTok and YouTube video you make

and every road trip we take.

Love always,

Your big sister



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