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Welcome to July!

Written by: Kamaria Swan & Perdita Patrice

In my favorite poem, "Harlem,” Langston Hughes asks, “what happens to a dream deferred?”

I consider the question often.

What happens when we push our dreams aside and settle for what simply is?

Hughes offered a few possibilities. But I think unpursued dreams hold us hostage. Our minds forever in bondage, bound by desire but deserted by courage.

We will think about the dream incessantly.

We will romanticize life lived in the dream and surrender to the dissatisfaction of our reality.

We’ll live a life trapped in what ifs, wondering what life could be if we had just tried.

This is what I consider the worst subjugation of all.

It’s absolute torture to be held back by dreams you never went after.

So when I consider freedom, I think of the dream pursued.

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Living dreams.

That is freedom.

It’s also what we’re exploring this month. Financial, career, sexual, spiritual, time, creativity, self-expression—all of it!

What does freedom look like to you?

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