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Welcome to February!

Have you noticed your eyes bulging in disbelief as a reaction to grocery store prices lately? 😳

Have you noticed the purchase of eggs becoming a symbol of whether a potential mate is financially abundant enough for you?

Have you noticed yourself typing rageful status updates on social media, searching for like-minded friends who are just as worried about the financial future as you? 😩

Yeah, us too.

There’s a TikTok meme going around featuring a dad who installed a safe in his refrigerator so he could lock up the eggs. This is one of those times when we gotta laugh through the pain. The cost of basic grocery items has skyrocketed, and consumers are cutting normal items out of their diets, as a result.

February is the month of Black History and Love. We Black people over here are trying to love our money in a way that will make it work for us through this—another—tough period. It’s important for us to know how current events are affecting our finances, so we can make an informed plan for the season.

Black Girl Times (BGX) has your back. Throughout the month, we’ll be updating you on the economy and how others are coping with the changes. We refuse to let money trouble take the love out of the month. Instead, we’ll stay informed and love ourselves enough to make smart money decisions. For the love of money as a tool, we will prosper.

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