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Welcome to December!

Looking for the Good

Life will never be as carefree and easy as it used to be.

We often allow ourselves to focus too heavily on the things that went wrong throughout the year.

Lack of progress. Illnesses. Deaths. Inflation. Recession. The constant longing to return to our old selves and the things we used to be.

Adulting is hard.

But we can’t forget about the positives.

We’re preparing for a new phase and we need to embrace it.

We are learning new things and gaining new experiences.

Persevering, becoming wiser, and accomplishing things we didn’t know we were strong enough to handle.

Goals accomplished. Obstacles overcome. Growth. Gains.

We’ve got to remember those.

As we reflect on the year to decide what our goals and resolutions for the next one will be, let’s consider all sides of our stories.

The good and the bad.

The cute and the ugly.

The moments we’ll never forget and the skeletons we wouldn’t mind burying.

Yes, we should review all that has happened this year and use that to determine our blueprint for the next. But make sure your review tells the complete story. Not the version that focuses on all the bad. Not the version that leaves out important details. As our Founder and President, Natalie A. Collier said, “We are the reliable narrators of our own stories, and this time, the Black girl wins.”

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