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Young Black Artists, Experiencing Art

The young women at Septima Clark Academy have been learning about art and putting that learning into practice. The past few weeks have been particularly lively. Students visited the Mississippi Museum of Art to experience the Silver and Gold Key Winners in Mississippi for the Scholastic Art Awards. As one of our first field trips, the young women were excited to get the chance to experience art outside of the classroom. There were many impressive art pieces to view, and the Student Scholastic Art Awards allowed SCA students to see the amazing work other students their age are creating. The students also explored the New Symphony of Time exhibit of Mississippi based artists, learning about artists who live in their own communities.

SCA students discussed the works they really enjoyed and have been creating their own work inspired by their trips to the museum.  They have also been working on their submissions for the 2022 Doodle for Google Contest. This year’s theme was “I care for myself by…” The students had fun coming up with creative ideas for their doodles. After a few drafts, each young woman created the following Doodles for Google:

Kira’s Google Doodle

“My Google Doodle represents self-care because I care for myself by going outside, getting fresh air, and enjoying nature.”

Ally’s Google Doodle

“I care for myself by eating healthy and enjoying cooking at home.”

Xacey’s Google Doodle

“This picture shows a children’s book that is coming to life. Reading books takes me to another world full of relief.”

For updates on the Doodle for Google contest and to vote on your favorite doodle, visit Doodles for Google (voting opens soon).


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