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Who Was Anne Frank?

The name of this book is “Who Was Anne Frank?” The author of this book is Ann Abramson.

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929. She loved her home. Everything was good until one day a man named Adolf Hitler came. Hitler was born in 1889. He wanted to become an artist but he wasn’t talented enough, so he turned to politics. He dreamed of making Germany the most powerful empire in the world. Hitler also hated Jews. Not only did he want to make Germany most powerful, but he also wanted to get rid of all Jews. Anne Frank and her family were Jews. Anne and her family had to hide in a secret place away from Hitler’s guards. The rest of the story is about Anne Frank’s life in the secret place.

I can relate to Anne Frank because I see myself journaling about my life. When Anne Frank was in the secret place she journaled about what life was like. She named her journal Kitty. She told Kitty everything.

I would recommend others read this book because it’s adventurous, sad, and happy at the same time. It’s not a life you would dream of but, I think, little girls would really enjoy reading it.


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