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The War on Women

Oh, boy. White men have really stepped in it now.

If you’ve been out from under a rock these past few weeks you’ve probably heard about the list of horrible bills ending women’s right to decide what happens to their own bodies. Right now, Republicans in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and Ohio have all passed laws that make abortion illegal. That means that in these conservative-led states, a corpse has more autonomy over itself than a young woman. The corpse, you see, had to sign a donation waiver before a doctor could harvest its organs, but you, young lady, have NO say in what happens to your uterus organ after it gets a fetus in it. Some White man has decided that you have to have that baby, even if it is the result of rape.

These guys know their heinous, new law conflicts with Roe v. Wade, but they’re hoping it’ll get challenged all the way up to the Supreme Court. That same court became a lot more anti-woman after White senators stole a judicial seat from a Black president, so now all these male legislators think the court will side with them and toss Roe—which it very well might do.

The ACLU and other organizations are already filing suits against these illegal laws, but while those cases inevitably float up to the Supreme Court, Republicans are about to get themselves some serious blowback down in the states.

The thing is, while evangelical folk like Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and Georgia Gov. (and white Supremacist fan) Brian Kemp, champion the government putting its fingers in your uterus, the right to choose is actually still quite popular in their own states. In fact, according to polling aggregator Data for Progress, only 20 percent of Alabama voters actually want to see abortion outlawed, and only 10 percent of Georgia. That means that these laws are not democracy. They clearly do not follow the will of the majority.

The vast brunt of the U.S. actually defends a woman’s right to plan her own family. This inevitably means that a minority of miscreants is about to get themselves hammered by an awakening, angry majority—and they’ve totally got it coming. In an earlier interview with Lighthouse, Georgia Rep. Renitta Shannon, D-Decatur, explained how some female Republicans were already panicking over how White leadership in their party had forced them to take a vote on outlawing abortion.

“… [A] lot of Republicans will say they don’t support abortion, but they don’t want to vote on it because their districts are competitive and they don’t want to lose their seat. This (one) woman’s constituents are going to hit her at the next election, and she knows it. They all know it. The governor (Brian Kemp) definitely forced the Speaker and other Republicans to move forward with this, but you know I have no sympathy for them. They’ve been campaigning on these things for years. It’s time for them to put their money where their mouth is and see how that turns out for them.”

Shannon said the Democratic Party was already busily flipping red Georgia districts to blue during the 2017 special election and flipped even more during the 2018 mid-term elections. Seats are going to cartwheel even faster now, as the half of the population with uteruses looks down and sees a bunch of old White men with their fingers up their dresses.

Other Republicans know this and are already running from the issue. U.S. Sens Martha McSally, R-Ariz., and Thom Tillis R-N.C. are facing tough reelection fights, according to the Washington Post, so they’re ducking under rocks whenever reporters ask them about the new anti-abortion laws that their buddies are funneling through state legislatures.

“That’s a state issue. I’m focused on my work here,” McSally nervously told reporters.

“I’m going to leave it to the folks in Alabama how to govern that state,” Tillis said, before diving out a window.

Yep, no anti-abortion over here. Nosirree.

They’re meek and placating now, but that brand new, woman-hating Supreme Court (containing a couple of accused sexual predators) exists only because McSally and Tillis both voted to create it. So that’s on their heads now. Their voters will see to that. —Correction: WE will see to that.

Women are abandoning the Taliban ethos of the GOP in droves since the election of Donald Trump and their members are fleeing the scene even faster now. Women, as a rule, already vote in higher numbers than men, but when you add to that the growing army of alarmed, progressive female voters and their sensible male allies, you get a countdown on White men’s crusade to pull us back into the 1920s.

The Lighthouse will be joining that effort to keep America pro-woman, so stay tuned for updates in following weeks as plans come together. In the meantime: get your butts down to the county courthouse and REGISTER TO VOTE. We got a nation that needs taking back.


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