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Putting the Sexy into your February Reading List

There’s never a wrong time for a good romance novel and since we are all about love this month, I couldn’t help but bring you a list of book recommendations that will make you gasp, giggle, squirm in your seat, and moan out loud. So, no matter your relationship status, power up that tablet or prepare to drop in at your favorite local bookstore to warm up your winter evenings.

Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Fit Series

I couldn’t pick just one, so I figured I’d recommend the entire Fit series. You’ll need a cool drink as you get to know the clients and trainers at one of LA’s hottest gyms. Fit, Tamed, and Sated all feature characters you’ll come to adore. Weatherspoon has the fantastic ability to write relatable heroines and heroes that allow you to settle in for a sultry and fun time, and her Fit Trilogy is no exception. Each heroine faces their own challenge in trying to find the sex and love they desire most, but once they meet the men in these books, they have the time of their lives figuring things out and having all the orgasms they can.

These books feature BDSM themes.

Alisha Rai’s Glutton for Punishment

I love Alisha Rai’s books. I follow her on social media – as I do all these authors – and she’s whip smart and hilarious. She’s also an awesome writer. You can’t miss if you decide to read any of her books, but Glutton for Pleasure holds a special place in my heart. It starts with Devi Malik as the head chef of her family’s Indian restaurant, but her love life is as bland as boiled chicken. She’s bound to add a bit more spice to her life once Marcus and Jace Callahan show up! Join Devi as she sets off down a hot and heavy path dating both men and maybe finding love in the process.

Katrina Jackson’s Office Hours

The lives of those haunting the halls of academia aren’t particularly glamorous, but for a tenure-track professor it can be particularly brutal. In Jackson’s Office Hours, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Dr. Deja Evans, needs a break. Work has sucked all the fun out of everything, she isn’t taking time to properly care for herself, anxiety is a near constant companion, and she has a raging crush on one of her colleagues, Dr. Alejandro Mendoza, Associate Professor of History. It’s a fantasy that lives safely inside her head until one day the fantasy becomes a sexy reality.

Mia Sosa’s The Worst Best Man

There was so much buzz about how good Sosa’s The Worst Best Man was, there was no way I wasn’t going to read it. It did not disappoint!

In it, we meet wedding planner, Carolina “Lina” Santos during her nuptials, just as she is left at the altar by her groom. Not exactly the life trajectory she had planned, but Lina makes the best of a bad situation by throwing herself into her business when she’s given the opportunity that could take her career to another level. The catch? She’ll have to work closely with Max Hartley, the hot marketing expert, who is also the brother of her ex-fiancée… and did I mention he’s the one who told his brother to dump Lina?

This one is so good they are turning it into a movie!

I hope this reading list makes your February a little more enjoyable and loveable.

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