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Money Matters | September 2021

Photo by Marta Wave from Pexels

September is back to school for much for the country. Early education plays an essential role in children’s development. During this time, children develop their social and emotional skills and make cognitive and physical achievements creating the foundation for a life full of learning and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, not every child experiences the same quality of education. This is especially true for Black girls. In public schools, Black girls experience many disparities due to race and gender.

In this version of Money Matters we would like to present you some statistics that evidence the struggle of Black girls while in school and higher education. As you review these statistics consider what you can do to improve these situations for Black girls:

  1. Schools over-criminalize Black girls

  2. Black girls are among the most harshly disciplined and over criminalized student group in the U.S.

  3. Black girls are 5 times more likely than white girls to be suspended at least once while at School.

  4. Black girls are four times more likely than white girls to be arrested at school.

  5. Black women are still underrepresented in higher ed

  6. Among all women, around 59% of Black women 25 or older attend college, compared to 63% of “all women” in 2018.

  7. Around 24% of Black women have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 33% of “all women”.

  8. Blacks are more likely to attend for-profit colleges (28%), versus 11.4% of whites.

  9. Only 4.2% of Black women are in biology sciences, 2.6% in computer sciences, 2.8% in physical science, 2.3% in math and statistics and 0.99% in engineer degrees.

  10. White women are twice more likely to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree (39%) by the age of 29 compared with Black women (21%).


I look forward to meeting you back here next month with new economic topics to be discussed. If you have questions for me about economics, send an email to and I’ll answer it!

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