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Leilani’s Limitless Life Pt. I

Editor’s note: One of the best things about hosting an online platform dedicated to the Black girl voice is hearing their voices. When we heard about the adventure Leilani and Gloria Malone were taking around the world, we wanted to travel the globe with Leilani, the self-described Dominican, Mexican girl who loves all things anime, gaming and Steven Universe, and experience it through her 11-year-old lens.

For the next several months, we’ll be doing just that in a monthly series called Leilani’s Limitless Life. Join us as we join her.

A little about me: I’m Leilani Malone, and I’m 11-years-old. My mom, Gloria, and I like to travel. I love to draw, and I have a YouTube channel called, “Meladite Galaxy.” I am a good student, and I enjoy learning about new things. I admire Cardi B. I live in the Bronx, New York. Also, I don’t like nature.

My mom and I are traveling the world for about nine months. When I first heard about this plan of hers, I was not on board, but now I am enjoying the experience.

However, I still miss my friends and school. My mom and I have visited or are planning to go to these places:

  1. Beijing, China

  2. Tokyo, Japan

  3. Phuket, Krabi, Chaingmai and Bangkok, Thailand

  4. Cambodia

  5. Egypt and South Africa

  6. Europe

  7. Brazil

  8. Mexico

  9. Colombia

  10. Ecuador

  11. Dominican Republic

  12. And back to New York City

I’ve been keeping a journal of my thoughts since our trip started September 5.

On the way to China

September 8, 2017 Ugh. I’m on a flight from Toronto to China, and I’m in the middle seat. I’m so tired but I can’t fall asleep, since it’s so sunny outside. I just want my phone and my cat.

Seven hours later:

Still on this plane. Ughhh! I was only able to sleep for about five hours and that’s it. I watched “Moana” and now I’m watching “Mean Girls.” I’m sick and tired of this flight.


Leilani Malone, our tour guide around the world, and her mom, Gloria.


September 9,2017 Yesterday I landed in China, and the ride was not the best. I left my phone in the Bronx, New York. I miss my neighborhood. I miss my cat and my friends, and I’m just over-all super depressed. My mom and I flew from New York to Toronto, Canada to Beijing, China. The plane ride was about 17 hours long, and I only slept for about five hours. I’ve spent about 20 hours traveling over all. (Counting the flight from New York to Toronto to Beijing.) When we got to Beijing, we got lost while looking for our place, so we spent about 50 minutes asking Chinese people where our place was while giving them our address. We did find our place. Thankfully, and we knocked out.


September 10, 2017 Last night I dreamed I was back in the Bronx and my few friends handed me my phone. I was so happy and then we went to the guy who always sells pastelito. (A pastelito is a baked Cuban pastry that can have a sweet or savory filling.) I woke up and was more depressed. Later in the day, my mom and I walked around the area to look for food and we found “Wumart,” as they say. We bought a bunch of snacks to try out. We also bought oatmeal and ramen.


September 11, 2017 So yesterday we went to the Drum and Bell Tower of Beijing. There was even a drum show that was amazing!

Did you know that people actually used to live in the towers?

We also went to an acrobatic show. One of the characters looked like Mettaton NEO from my favorite game Undertale. Oh. And we also saw cute kitties!


Here’s my cat, Kelina. She’s the best. My grandfather is keeping her while we’re away.


September 13, 2017 OK, so in China, crossing the street the street, is terrible. Living in the Bronx, crossing the Grand Concourse to get to school every day, really does train you to cross the streets in China. They only give you about three seconds to cross the entire street. And then they continue to drive, not caring that you’re in the middle of the street. So my mom and I had to book It whenever we ran. And the pollution didn’t help at all. Half the time you don’t even know if it’s a regular cloud or a cloud of pollution. So that’s China so far.


September 16, 2017 Today my mom and I were supposed to go to the Great Wall of China but they messed up our tickets. My mom and I were supposed to meet a friend in real life for the first time. We did, but the tour left her and we had to change our tickets to go on the next day. After we changed our tickets, we went to a place called, Grandma’s Kitchen where they served American breakfast.

For the rest of the day, we hung out with our new friend. She is a S.T.E.M teacher. She’s really smart, and I was able to do an interview with her.


September 17, 2017 Today my mom, my mom’s friend and I went to The Great Wall of China with a tour guild, and, lord, was that a trip. When we arrived at The Great Wall of China, it was so hot. The sun was beaming down at us. You have to go on cable cars to get up on top of the Wall. The steps were so close to each other. So it was hard to go anywhere really. My mom and I actually lost track of time. We were supposed to be back in 45 minutes but we came back 1 hour and 15 minutes late.


September 19, 2017 Today’s the last day in Beijing, China. I admit, this place did grow on me. BUT! I can’t wait for Tokyo, Japan!

Later …

Good news! My mom said that if I do an animation I’ll get the “Sims4”


On the way to Japan

September 21, 2017 My mom and I went to go see a sumo wrestling match today In Tokyo, Japan. It was really cool and really fast. After that, we just walked around the area around our apartment.


September 24, 2017 AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! GOOD NEWS! I got my first animation out which means … I GOT THE “SIMS4”! I’M SO HAPPY!

Anyway, I went to a place called the Harajuku district. It’s a shopping district in Tokyo. I also went to a sushi place where the sushi comes out on a carousel thingy.


September 27, 2017 Oh my gosh! Guess what?! My mom and I went to the Pokémon center and got three Pokémon plushies! I love anime, manga, cosplays, and video games, so that store was AWESOME! I got Torchic, Mimikyu, and Litten—all from the video game I play, “Pokémon Moon.” I hope that a new game comes out soon. But yeah that’s what I did today.


September 25, 2017 My mom and I went to go see a robot show. That’s right. A robot show. Everything you need to know is in the title. It’s a show full of robots and people fighting about the robots. It was really loud and really overwhelming. So many lights …


September 26, 2017 We went to Anime Town and it was overwhelming. So many malls and lights, and I just walked out with a Mikasa sticker from, “Attack on Titan” and an Eren keychain from the same anime. My mom and I just came back and I played the Sims4 all day.


On the way to Thailand. There’s more to come, so catch me next month! Follow Leilani on Instagram and YouTube at @Meladite_Galaxy. 


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