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Keep Reading | April Book Releases

(“A Dream So Dark” fantasy novel, the sequel in L.L. McKinney’s Nightmare-Verse series, publishes Apr. 13. Pre-order your copy today! [Amazon])

Here’s a list of upcoming and newly released books by Black authors:

It Doesn’t Take a Genius, Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich (Apr. 13) (Middle Grade) This coming-of-age book tells the story of Emmett, a boy who attends a historic Black summer camp where his older brother, Luke, is a junior camp counselor. The two have always been close, but while Luke tends to other children at the camp and ignores Emmett, the younger brother finds himself struggling in unexpected ways; like in swim class and the “It Takes A Village” entrepreneurship class. 

Emmett decides to build a crew of “superfriends” who help him plan something amazing for the end-of-camp awards night and celebration. Along the way, he learns a new definition for family. 

A Dream So Dark, L.L. McKinney (Apr. 13) (Young Adult) This fantasy novel, sequel to McKinney’s “A Blade So Black,” explores the life of Alice, a girl whose nightmares nearly cost her her life. Still recovering from her recent battle and grounded until she graduates high school, she must cross the Veil to save her friends and put a stop to the Black Knight once and for all. There’s a new player on the board who’s capable of using Nightmare creatures to not only influence the living, but also raise the dead. Dreams have never been so dark in Wonderland. To face the very nature of fear, Alice is charged to face the worst in herself and the people she loves. 

Praisesong for the Widow, Paule Marshall (Apr. 20) (Fiction) A novel exploring the story of a Black, middle-aged, middle-class widow named Avey Johnson who put her Harlem childhood behind her until she couldn’t disavow it any longer. 

While on a cruise to the Caribbean with two friends, Avey is inspired by a troubling dream. She senses her life is beginning to unravel. In a panic, she packs her bag in the middle of the night and hops off at the next port of call, leaving her friends behind. The beautiful adventure that follows links Avey to the culture and history she denied for so long.

“Praisesong for the Widow” was originally published in 1983 and was a recipient of the Before Columbus Foundation American Book Award. This version is a new hardcover edition.


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