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Keep Listening and Learning | November 2021 Podcasts

Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash
Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash

At The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects we are celebrating November with Grace and Gratitude. We hope you have many things to be grateful for right now and are finding grace where and how you need it. Here are some podcasts to keep your ears happy for a bit.

hey, girl. is a podcast that unites the voices of phenomenal women. Created with sisterhood and storytelling in mind, author Alex Elle sits down with people who inspire her. From friends to family members and strangers, the hey, girl. guests share their stories through candid and intimate conversations. Alex’s own writing focuses on building community and self-care practices through literature & language.

Be Heard Talk is an award-winning talk show with the mission to inform, educate, and empower millennials. Selena Hill, Black Enterprise’s Digital Editor leads discussions on culture, politics, and race with lively dialogue featuring guest speakers of various backgrounds.

Brown Girls Rising highlights women of color making positive change in their communities. This podcast features weekly conversations with inspiration from women the media has yet to notice. It’s an open discussion on feminism, heritage, and the struggle that comes with growing up as a brown girl in white spaces.

Ratchet & Respectable features host Demetria L. Lucas who isn’t afraid of transparency. As a culture critic, Lucas expresses her thoughts on dating, relationships, and pop culture with acuity and wit. Episodes include reviews of movies and television shows. She’ll tell you what to watch and what to stop.


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