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Kaylee’s Summer Reading List

Summer is my favorite time of year. My favorite things to do during summer break are swimming, making slime (which my mom does not enjoy) and of course playing outside. My mom and dad make sure that my siblings and I do a lot of reading over the summer too, and I have already planned what I want to read. Here’s my summer reading list. I hope you enjoy!

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry,” Mildred Taylor ($9): I ended my first semester of homeschool by reading this. Cassie is my favorite character because she is the hero for her family. Even though she is young, she is strong and loves her brothers.

Brown Girl Dreaming,” by Jaqueline Woodson ($11): April was National Poetry Month, and in my lessons, I learned a lot about different types of poems. In this book, the author shares really personal stories about growing up through ‘verse poems.’

One Crazy Summer,” by Rita Williams-Garcia ($17): I am excited to follow the Gaither sisters on their rocky journey. In the first book, they go to Oakland, Calif., to meet their mother. From there, they go back to Brooklyn and then finally to Alabama. Even though the drive is a lot shorter, the trilogy makes me think of our long family road trips to St. Louis to visit my grandma. I can’t wait until our next trip!

I Got the Rhythm” by Connie Schofield-Morrison ($17): I love reading this book to my baby sister Ava, who loves to dance. She repeats after me and it almost turns into a song. It is so much fun to read this book while we are playing outside under the big tree in our backyard. We read-sing and dance around in the sun.


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