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Dear John | We Gone be Alright

It was a pleasure meeting you. You were there through it all. I will never forget how you had big dreams and goals for yourself, the ones you use to envision yourself doing. I hope this letter to you does not sound too harsh, but it is something that needs to be said: I trusted you with my future but look at what happened. You took your focus off all the things you planned on accomplishing for yourself. You let doubts, fears, insecurities, concerns, worries and other things get in your way.

Guess what? It is time I let you go. I need to free myself from you and take back all you have taken from me. I cannot say I’m sad while writing this letter to you, but I am somewhat relieved to let you go. Oh, but please understand with my present self, I still make mistakes along the way, but at least they are things not associated with what you put me through. Instead, things that come with self-improvement. You know, when you learn better, you do better.

I must admit, if it were not for the pain and setbacks you put me through, I would have never realized I needed to change some things about myself. With all due respect, in some weird way, you are still an inspiration to me. Even though you were there with me through the good and the bad times, I must move on. So, goodbye!

Sincerely, Demetria


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