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Dear John | Balance and Power

(Josie Portillo)

Dear (John) 2020,

With Joyful, Optimism and Hopeful Naiveté, our time together began. Yet, in the words of the great lyricist André 3000, “You can plan a pretty picnic / but you can’t predict the weather.” And baby, that was some really crappy weather you had in store for us! I had no idea the life altering circumstances that would come upon us so suddenly.

Ask anyone about “The Year 2020,” and I’m sure they’d have no problem relaying all your negative aspects. You are widely known as a year marked by death and destruction. We typically use 20/20 when referring to perfect vision; you definitely opened my eyes to a lot of hidden things and forced me to see the reality of my circumstances.

I’ve heard, “In every crisis there is opportunity.” And when something is destroyed, there is a chance to rebuild it better. But with you, I got the opportunity to live those inspiring quotes.

To be completely transparent, 2019 was significantly more traumatic for me than you were, 2020. That year was my bootcamp for you. I trained hard for the challenges that came with our union, so your impact was less jarring. I felt ready for the challenge and empowered to change.

So as turbulent as our days together were, I write this letter in gratitude for the gifts I received from you and the lessons I learned with you.

You, dear 2020, turned out to be a welcome reprieve for an introverted soul. You cleared my calendar and saved me from the hustle and bustle of life as I knew it previously. The daily commute to work and more than one school quickly became a distant memory, as I (and so many of us) transitioned to virtual offices and schooling at home. I was glad I didn’t have to go into an office, since working from the comfort of my home at my own pace is the life I always envisioned for myself. You made that a reality. Granted, I didn’t envision this scenario while simultaneously facilitating virtual school for my children, so that was a major adjustment. But we did it. Now we’re flowing rather well in our new normal, and I’m proud of that.

You inspired me to take charge of my finances instead of waiting on a sparse, uncertain government stimulus. Thanks to you, I learned about buying stocks and cryptocurrency, and I used that knowledge to create my own stimulus package.

You taught me to take charge of my time, my finances, my children’s education and my health and wellbeing. You taught me to balance my work and domestic life, to rest and to be patient with myself as I grow. You taught me that I’m more powerful and capable than I realized.

Thanks to you I’ve learned to utilize the divine power within me to continue creating the life I want as I move forward without you. I still have a long way to go, but thank you, 2020, for being a much-needed catalyst for my growth.

With immense gratitude, Sirita Render

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