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Claim Your Success with New Year’s Intentions


Hey, Black girl! How’re you feeling in the New Year? We’re only a few days in, so whether you’re up or down, there’s plenty time left to plan your ideal year. Are you looking forward to more success in 2021? Good health? Positive relationships? Financial prosperity? Grab your pen and pad, sis. Let’s get intentional.

Say this with me: Through intentionality, this year will bring abundance in all areas of my life. How does that feel rolling off your tongue? Powerful? If not yet, say it a few more times.

Setting an intention is the act of clearly defining a goal or vision and committing to its manifestation. By setting an intention to achieve a goal or vision, you’re waking up every cell in your body and saying: “Hello! This is where I need my focus to go. This is where I’m putting my energy. I will see my commitment through.”

Want to see changes this year? Tried-and-true intention setting is one way to do it. Let’s walk through how you can apply this in 2021. 

Let’s say this year you intend to write and publish a children’s book (see how I did that?). With that goal set, locked into the forefront of your mind, you’ll be more focused on bringing it to life (with a little help, of course). Make a daily effort toward accomplishing it.

Maybe you’ll start by planning a reading list. Next, you’ll carve out time to read those books. Just do 15 minutes a day or so to start. There’s no rush. Build in more time where you can. Got that? Now, what’s next?  You’re writing a book, so you’ll need to write, too. Just like you’ve made time to read, now you’re creating time to write. Do it when you can, how you can. This goal isn’t to write the whole book in a day (unless it is), so you’ll want to break it up. A little here, a little there. In due time, it’ll come together. That’s the intention.

Now it’s your turn. What personal goals and visions do you have in mind for this year? Here are some tips to consider, as you set your oh-so-powerful intentions.

Write it Out  While you may already know what you want to accomplish, it could be useful to do some journaling first. Explore your desires. Tap into your “why.” Find out what’s priority for you and what can be accomplished at a later time (all goals are important, but not all are a priority). Let’s focus on what needs to be done first.

Once you’ve got that figured out, clearly state the intention on paper. This adds another element of intentionality. Rather than thinking or speaking it alone, you’re materializing the words by putting them onto paper. Twice as powerful, if you ask me!

Here’s an example: “This year, I intend to [insert your goal or vision]” or “My intention is to [insert your goal or vision].” Or even, if you want to affirm it, “This year, I will [insert goal or vision]” or “I am a [insert your goal or vision].

Get Creative, Keep it in Your Face  It’s important to keep your intention in your face — literally — so you can stay focused. As shared above, writing your intention down is a powerful start to its manifestation. Writing it on a sticky note and posting the paper on your wall or near a mirror is an option. Aim to place it somewhere you frequent, so you’ll see it as often as daily. 

Get creative! And use what you have available. Are you an artist? Consider creating an art piece for your intention. A vision board perhaps. Only have your phone as a tool? That’s cool, too. Type your intention up and set it as your screensaver. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s the power of intention. Work to Achieve Now, look: We all know faith without works is dead, so let’s get to the nitty-gritty. In the example I shared, I offered ways to actively work toward publishing a children’s book. I encourage you to do the same for your chosen intention. Find ways to move forward toward your goal, day by day. Even if it’s revisiting your intention in the mirror, a little goes a long way. 

I encourage you to do some journaling to help identify ways to actively bring your intention to life. What needs to get done? Map out an execution plan for your goal from start to finish. Create a list of ideas. Do a little research. Have fun in the process. 

Pro tip: Take your time, little-by-little. You’ll get there with focus. No need to rush. Be kind to yourself and open to making mistakes. That way, you’ll learn what does and doesn’t work. You’ll become better because of it. 

Happy intention setting! I’m looking forward to creating a prosperous year with you. 


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