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Black Artists, Black Art

This month we are sharing some of our favorite artists who capture the strength, compassion and challenges of Black motherhood.

(Curls of Love, Latisha Shepard)

Latisha Shepard is a self-taught artist from Indiana. She captures emotion and expression in her paintings. Check out some of her work on IG @757.artography

(Mama’s Girls by April W Harrison)

April W Harrison wants you to feel something when you experience her creativity. Her works exaggerate and elongate extremities with a special focus on hands, denoting the importance and power of human touch. Follow her work on IG @aprilwharrison

(Unarmoured, Frances Domond)

Frances Domond, a Haitian American, sees art as her “autonomic expression.” It’s the beauty she sees, how she breathes, and learns patience. Check out her work @frankmarikathrin

(Portrait of Black Mother and Son, Candice Noelle)

Artist, Candice Noelle, hopes that her work sparks joy and a sense of renewed appreciation for Black culture and beauty. @noellerx\

(Image from “The Awakening” series, Tawny Chatmon)

Tawny Chatmon’s work, “The Awakening” is an assertion of the richness of Black motherhood. In her series of photographs, Chatmon uses layers of textures and colors, mixing African and African American traditions. Get into the full series here and follow her on IG @tawnychatmon


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