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Dear John | A Puppy Please?

Dear 2020,

It was mostly bad. It was bad, because I couldn’t see my cousins that live in McComb. I was stuck inside the house most of the time. And kids need to go outside to keep them SANE! I went outside sometimes, but there are too many dogs in my neighborhood. I’m not a big fan, unless my parents let us get a Kelpie (Ahem!).

Even when the weather was good, we couldn’t go outside with our friends because we had to social distance. I didn’t like it. 

And when we drive to get fast food, we have to wear masks even if we’re far apart. I like Halloween masks, but not face masks for corona. Those feel weird around the ears and sometimes scratchy.

If it weren’t for you and COVID-19, people would be around more people! Some people could be sick and spreading the disease. Because of you some people are getting sick, others dying. I don’t like that at all.

No thank you 2020, why did you have to work with COVID? It made more people sad. Some people lost hope in 2021, because of you. 

I think maybe I lost hope a little, because I hoped COVID would be gone by 2021. I guess you convinced 2021 to help COVID too. I don’t like vaccines but knowing they will keep me safe I would do it. 

Maybe I can go back to my friend Paige’s house when it’s safe again and go back to the park with other kids. I hope my family can rent an RV and visit auntie in Boston. And maybe we can go to the beach too!

Actually, I did enjoy spending more time with my parents in 2020. We played Monopoly and my favorite game Among Us. I usually win. So 2020 wasn’t completely bad or completely good. 

I really hope 2021 gets better though.


A frustrated 9-year-old

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