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Love in One Act

(Enrico Perini)

Imagine meeting someone and knowing they’d be imprinted on your soul forever—every encounter you’d have with them would be memorable. A sizzle in your spirit can’t be extinguished, despite circumstances like distance and the social construct of time. You two were written in the stars, instant folklore your descendants will recount on wraparound porches long after you’ve gone on to glory. Yeah, that kind of love. 

After re–watching “Moonlight” by Barry Jenkins, I realized Chiron and Kevin experienced this a few times, but there was one moment in particular I invite you to consider. Take a trip deep down into your feelings with me.

As a youth, Kevin was a player; Chiron was the epitome of romance. He took his time, actually cared for and listened to what the sable-skinned protagonist (played by Trevante Rhodes) had to say. That’s hard to come by, no matter your circumstances, but Chiron knew he would never find another like Kevin, so he abstained for years. Years. Chiron was a beautiful man who had been hardened by life. His beauty, strength and intelligence were effervescent. He could have had whoever he wanted, yet he spurned potential romantic interests because they were not Kevin. He held out for as long as he could. His emotions had reached a fever pitch, so he decided to take a ride. 

When prodded about what his expectations were, Chiron simply said “A hug and some conversation.” A hug and some conversation! It wouldn’t be a big deal, but he drove from Atlanta to Miami to see this man. My man logged 12 hours with hopes to simply chit-chat and feel the warm embrace of a trusted soul. 

Put yourself in his position; riding down I-75 replaying every moment shared, an hour passes and anticipation builds. Another two hours fly by, heart racing. You realize there is more road behind you than in front of you, and it’s too late to turn around. Your mind is spinning while trying to anticipate what is going to happen and then you arrive. Exhale. This is a demonstration of love. 

In that car, on that road Chi was not asking Kev to be, do, say anything. He simply wanted him to be there, when he arrived so he could lay eyes on God’s greatest work.

If Barry Jenkins never did anything, he gave us “Moonlight,” this beautiful love story. The actors breathed life into these characters so convincingly. My prayer for everyone is to know a moment like this.

Have you ever met someone who felt like a neck kiss? Chiron did. This type of love is life changing, I can’t wait for you to experience it. Savor it. Write it down in the family Bible. It is surely the birth of a generation.


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