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Black Artists, Black Art | Nov 2021

What are you grateful for? I have so much gratitude for all the wonderful expressions of self, challenge, passion, hurt, love, and so many other artistic interpretations I see in our world. And I’m grateful that each day I get to experience something new and share some of those findings with you.

We are celebrating November with Grace and Gratitude. What better way to celebrate gratitude than by capturing the people and culture we love through works of art and portraiture? This month, three artists’ work in portraiture, while the fourth explores spiritualism through bold colors and forms reflecting the grace we all deserve and desire.

I hope you’ll find something in these works that spark both your gratitude and grace this month.

Adrienne “Madam” Muse is a self-taught visual artist, illustrator, muralist, and designer based in Los Angeles. Adrienne has a love for portraiture, with a realistic approach expressed through acrylic, spray paints, and oil. In her work, Madam Muse showcases how she views life and honors those who came before her. She aims to be a representation for women of color in the art world.



Shardaya utilizes her art to explore spiritual experience. Blending the beauty and chaos of life, her work is a vibrant, bright, and colorful exploration of form. Grace is one of many things reflected in her paintings with broad strokes invoking an invitation to encounter the play between light and darkness.


Sierra is an art educator (art ed-preneur) and practicing visual artist. She specializes in celebrating “intricate Black culture.” She also aims to create more opportunities for Black artists by “inspiring youth and building a Black art legacy.”

Skin Deep

Ladies First

Asia is a portraitist based in North Carolina, specializing in mixed-media painting. She views her work as representation of how we fit into the world at specific points in life and aims to connect with others through the emotions that are presented in each piece.

The Flowering

The Maiden

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